Wagon 21

Brush 21

 2009 Ford F450 

Hale Pump / 300 Gallon Water Tank
15 Gallon Foam Cell
Engine 21

 2004 Pierce Enforcer Engine / Pumper

1st Due MVA, Vehicle and LZ
Secondary Structural Apparatus
1500 GPM Pump / 900 gallon Water Tank
40 gallon Class A and B Foam Tanks
Tanker 21


 1997 Freightliner

2nd Due Structure, Vehicle and Brush Fire
2500 gallons of Water
Brush 21 A

 1965 Dodge Power Wagon

3rd Due apparatus for Brush Fire
Hale Pump / 250 Gallon Water Tank
Support 21

 2002 Ford F550 - Singer 4x4

1st Due apparatus for Brush Fires, EMS Assist and Outside Smoke Investigation
3rd Due apparatus all other calls
Hale Pump / 300 gallon Water Tank

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